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Rendez-Vous de Concarneau: where Industry meets Science in marine biotechnology 29 & 30 septembr

Magali Touroude will have the pleasure to speak about IP rights for marine biotechs at the International Symposium ‘Rendez-vous de Concarneau’ on September 29 & 30 - 2016.

This international Symposium constitutes a series of yearly workshops aiming at promoting relationships and strengthening bridges between industry and academic research, and further at providing technology and knowledge transfer among stakeholders within European marine biotechnologies.

This year’s focus is laid on modern biotechnologies applied on bioremediation, innovative aquaculture systems and biomass production and taxonomy. The conference is a valuable platform to mobilise international cooperations in this young discipline.

This free event will take place at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Concarneau (France) on september 29 and 30 - 2016 concomitantly with The European Biotech Week - from September 26 to October 02 - 2016.

Main theme: Aquaculture for tomorrow - Taxonomy: a key for the research and the management of intellectual property rights - International cooperation: strategy of "the Blue Growth" in Europe - The sector of the multi-fish farming integrated trophique (AMTI) - The production of biomass marinates - Intellectual property rights (with Magali Touroude) - Organic remediation

Registration & Final programme :

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